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Freshwater Salt System

What are the benefits of salt water hot tubs?

Are you considering purchasing a hot tub but are concerned that you will not be able put enough time aside to ensure that the hot tub is regularly maintained?

If so, you are not alone. Water care is one of the main concerns that many prospective hot tub owners have, but what if we told you that there was a solution that that can help you keep your hot tub water clean and clear with minimal effort?

Well, in this blog post the Aquasun team explain how a FreshWater Salt System can make hot tub ownership substantially easier, and provide you with details on an unmissable offer that we are promoting this month.

The advantages of installing a FreshWater Salt System

The FreshWater Salt System is a useful piece of equipment that is built specially for all HotSpring Highlife and Limelight collection spas, that allows you to easily keep spa water clean, clear and sanitised for a full 12 months.

By utilizing revolutionary technology, the FreshWater Salt System automatically creates chlorine from just a little salt in your hot tub water. The titanium cartridge used for this transition never requires maintenance and lasts four months, and as you get three cartridges with each system your water is assured to remain fresh all year round!

Further benefits of FreshWater Salt Systems are as follows:

  • Improved buoyancy – Salt water increases buoyancy, which is bound to improve your levels of relaxation when taking a soak.
  • Easy maintenance – The FreshWater Salt System control panel will prompt you to check the water once every ten days, and alert you when the system requires your attention with details on what steps need to be taken.
  • Non-irritant water – When chlorine interacts with substances such as ammonia, irritating by-products such as chloramines can be produced. However, the FreshWater Salt System produces constantly clean water that is free from any potentially irritating microorganisms.
  • Save time and effort – With standard hot tub care, you will have to drain and refill your hot tub every few months which can be very time consuming. However, with the FreshWater Salt System this process only has to be completed once a year.

Don’t miss out on the FreshWater Salt System offer from Aquasun!

So, it goes without saying that FreshWater Salt Systems are certainly a great addition for any HotSpring Highlife or HotSpring Limelight hot tub, and at Aquasun we are offering a superb deal throughout the month of March that you simply won’t want to miss.

For the entirety of this month, we are providing a FREE FreshWater Salt System with all HotSpring Highlife and HotSpring Limelight hot tubs that are bought with Aquasun. But act fast, as this offer is available for one month only!

So, to take advantage of this unmissable deal, browse the selection of HotSpring hot tubs that we have available today.

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