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Sauna Accessories

Ensure your sauna from Aquasun is decorated exactly how you want it with our great range of accessories. Our team can help you find the best furniture from clocks and lampshades to quality water buckets and ladles. Spending time in a sauna should be a relaxing experience, so creating a room perfectly suited to you is important. Aquasun even stock sauna essence available in distinct fragrances so you can create an aroma that helps you de-stress.

Equipment for your sauna

Adjusting your sauna to your requirements doesn’t have to mean adding accessories. You can change or upgrade your current heater depending on your preferences. Our range includes combination, remote control and BIC heaters available for you to choose from!

Wooden Sand Timer


Thermometer and Hygrometer Combined


Sauna Wooden Lamp Shade


Sauna Wooden Clock


Sauna Stones 20kg


Sauna Shatter Proof Lamp Round


Sauna Shatter Proof Lamp Long


Sauna Ladle


Sauna Heater 8.0kw BIC


Sauna Heater 8.0kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 6.0kw BIC


Sauna Heater 6.0kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 4.5kw BIC


Sauna Heater 4.5kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 3.0kw BIC


Sauna Essence 500ml


Sauna Bucket


Combination Sauna Heater – 8.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 6.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 4.5kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 3.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


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If you would like any information on our saunas or sauna accessories, then get in touch with our friendly team today who can advise you. Call us on 01 69 500 29 or contact us online for a call back.

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