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Chemicals and Accessories


No sauna, swim spa or hot tub would be complete without a personal touch, so choose from our range of accessories from decorative items to cleaners. You can buy cleansers and test strips from Aquasun so that your spa and hot tub stay in pristine condition and increases longevity of your unit. We also stock hot tub and spa fragrances as well as sauna essences so that you can customise the scent of your water!

Customise your Spa, Sauna or Hot Tub

Along with chemical cleaning products, you can also buy furniture and accessories through Aquasun. Make sure you don’t loose track of time with a wooden sauna clock, protect your hot tub with a cover cradle or attach steps to your swim spa for easy access. You can also upgrade or change your sauna heater with our great range.

Pure Spa Salt 5 Kg


Shock Pot – 1kg



€109.00 €99.00

Test Strips – 5 way


Wooden Sand Timer


Thermometer and Hygrometer Combined


Test Strips – Salt Water


Swivel Hand Rail


Spa Shine n Protect


Spa Clear/Sparkle


Spa Booster Seat


Sauna Wooden Lamp Shade


Sauna Wooden Clock


Sauna Stones 20kg


Sauna Shatter Proof Lamp Round


Sauna Shatter Proof Lamp Long


Sauna Ladle


Sauna Heater 8.0kw BIC


Sauna Heater 8.0kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 6.0kw BIC


Sauna Heater 6.0kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 4.5kw BIC


Sauna Heater 4.5kw – Remote Control


Sauna Heater 3.0kw BIC


Sauna Essence 500ml


Sauna Bucket


Plastic Steps – Grey


Plastic Steps – 2 Tone Grey & Black


Freeflow Spa Filter


Combination Sauna Heater – 8.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 6.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 4.5kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


Combination Sauna Heater – 3.0kw Sauna 2.0kw Steam


HotSpring, Solana & Stride Filters


Vanishing Act Calcium Remover


Instant Filter Cleaner 0.5 Ltr


Hot Tub Flush


Dip Ten Foot Basin


Wind Strap


Floating Kool Tray & Draughts Board


Uprite Cover Lifter


Lift ‘n’ Glide Cover Lifter


Cover Cradle


HotSpring Tri-X / Highlife


Rapid River Swim Spa Filter


Tiger River Filter (All Models)


Mallorca Filter


Sorrento Filter


Test Strips – 4 Way


Waterline/Surface Cleaner


Cartridge Cleaner


Spa Foam Reducer


PH Reducer / Minus 1.5kg


PH Increaser / Plus


Alkalinity Increaser


Silver Ion Cartridge


Stabilised Chlorine Granules


Non Chlorine Shock


Vanishing Act Calcium Remover


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