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Prepare Your Hot Tub for Spring

A hot tub is sure to be a feature of your home loved by everyone who uses it, so it is important to keep it protected and cared for, especially as the weather starts to get warmer and no doubt it gets used more. Aquasun not only sell an amazing range of hot tubs, but we also stock accessories and protective equipment to ensure the longevity of your unit.

Spring Hot Tub Accessories

Whilst we all cross our fingers and hope that spring brings with it sunny days and warm weather, we often get wind and rain during April and May. You don’t want your prized hot tub to fill will rainwater and debris which is why Aquasun are here to help you with our range of covers. There are three designs to choose from: the Uprite Cover Lifter, perfect for low-clearance areas: the Lift ‘n’ Glide Cover which uses gas springs to remove the cover: the Cover Cradle which is an effortless glider cover for those whose require a little more assistance.

Once your cover is in place, it is important to keep it down when the gales hit! The wind strap from Aquasun gives you added protection and will keep your cover firmly in place should the bad weather strike. Add extra security to your hot tub with our essential wind strap.

If you require a little boost to help you get in or out of your hot tub, then you might like our swivel hand rail and plastic steps, designed to ease access to the tub. Hot tubs have many health benefits, including lower blood pressure, pain reduction and, of course, stress relief! Using your unit shouldn’t be a chore, so take a look at our range of spa accessories for hot tubs here.

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