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Maintaining a BBQ hut

How to maintain a BBQ hut

BBQ huts from Aquasun are a beautiful addition to any garden, providing a great sociable outdoor space whatever the weather.

Our products are built using the finest quality of pine and are designed to withstand the wet climate of the UK and Ireland. However, to ensure that you get the most out of your hut, it is important to maintain and care for it properly.

Caring for your hut

Aqua Sun BBQ huts only need a low level of care throughout their long-lasting guarantee. After the initial installation, we advise you to protect the outside of your hut with at least two coats of a wood preserve such as Sovereign. Following the initial treatment, it is advisable to re-apply the preserve once a year. This will ensure an aesthetically pleasing exterior and reduce signs of weathering. The flooring of your hut is suitable for a carpet or rug. However, for easier cleaning and up-keep, the floor can also be stained or painted. Please do not paint or alter the interior walls of the hut, they are specially designed to be breathable and allow smoke to escape.

The safety of our customers is always at the heart of our products, so we recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector in your BBQ hut.

Aquasun Products

Aquasun produces a wide range of BBQ huts in varying sizes and styles, holding between five and 25 people. All huts are available with benches and furniture. We also create bespoke BBQ huts to fit the unique landscaping of your garden.

All of our products are available on a finance package. Our team of specialists can provide you with an obligation-free quote today, browse the selection of bbq huts for sale.

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