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Shock Treating a Hot Tub

How to shock treat your hot tub or spa

As a hot tub or spa owner, you should already be aware how important regular cleaning is to maintain adequate hygiene. Cleaning your hot tub or spa on a regular basis eliminates bacteria and ensures a clean and safe environment for bathing. One of the best ways to achieve this is to shock treat your tub. Shock treatment basically means using a cleaning agent to eliminate bacteria and contaminates.

Why sanitise your hot tub or spa?

Sanitising your hot tub or spa removes bacteria and grime caused by sweat, dead skin cells, body moisturiser, deodorant spray, and similar. For best results, clean your tub on a regular basis, ideally every week.

Chlorine shock vs non-chlorine shock

The two main approaches you can use to treat your tub are chlorine shock and non-chlorine shock. Chlorine shock involves the use of chlorine solution, similarly to how swimming pools are treated. It is a potent formula with a strong odour.

The key drawback of chlorine shock treatment is that you have to wait until the chlorine levels return to normal before you can use your tub. If you want to use your tub right away, you need to use another method like non-chlorine shock.

Key benefits of non-chlorine shock

Non-chlorine shock, otherwise known as oxidiser treatment or potassium peroxymonosulfate, does not increase chlorine levels like the chlorine shock method. This means you can enjoy your hot tub around 30 minutes after treatment.

Non-chlorine shock uses an oxidising agent to kill bacteria and other contaminants in your tub. It works differently to chlorine shock in that the oxidation process breaks down any contaminants. Chlorine shock, on the other hand, kills them immediately.

Another benefit of non-chlorine shock is that the solution is completely odourless. If like many people, you find the smell of chlorine too overpowering, non-chlorine shock can be beneficial. It is also reliable at quickly treating cloudy water – a common complaint of many hot tub and spa owners.

How to use non-chlorine shock

In the vast majority of cases, using non-chlorine shock on a weekly basis will keep your hot tub or spa clean, hygienic, and free from unwanted contaminants. In the event that the tub is used more frequently than normal or the water appears cloudy, extra doses of non-chlorine shock may be required.

Non-chlorine shock is normally available in powder form, either in larger tubs or as single use sachets. Dissolving pods are also available from some retailers.

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