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Self Cleaning Hot Tub Facts

Everything that you need to know about self-sanitizing hot tubs

If you have regularly browsed the hot tub market over the last few years, you may have been lured into the term ‘self-cleaning hot tub’, a hot tub that requires zero water maintenance during its lifespan.

Granted, this kind of hot tub sounds too good to be true, so is this exactly the case?

Well in our latest blog post, the Aquasun team provide you with a comprehensive guide to self-cleaning hot tubs and supply you with a few top tips that are ensured to help you reduce the time that you spend on hot tub water maintenance!

Are self-cleaning hot tubs fact or fiction?

Of course, it would be ideal for us to offer you a hot tub that can effectively clean itself and require zero maintenance, but unfortunately this product is yet to exist.

According to studies, the average human loses approximately one pint of body fluid with each hot tub use, and the truth is that every form of hot tub requires some form of manual maintenance to remove these substances.

Many manufacturers name their products as self-cleaning hot-tubs, when in reality these hot tubs are purely models that have a more efficient water filtration system than the average hot tub.

So, although genuine self-sanitizing hot tubs are a myth, there are ways that can reduce the time you spend on hot tub water care, such as:

  • Purchasing a hot tub with an efficient pressurised filtration system
  • Having a shower before each time you use your hot tub
  • Equipping your hot tub with an Ozone/UV system

At Aquasun, we have a range of products that can help you efficiently maintain your hot tub waters hygiene. To browse our terrific range of water care systems, head over to our water care page today.

An Inline Sanitizing Hot Tub could be the answer to your problems!

Inline Sanitizing Hot Tubs are massively popular among our customers, as they have a sanitizing system that is integrated into the shell of the spa. This system works continuously, meaning it will require minimal maintenance from the owner!

In addition to this, when the Inline Sanitizing Hot Tub does require your assistance, the process is super simple.

As opposed to taking time to measure chemicals, you can simply replace a cartridge once it runs out of sanitizer. This will have to be done every few weeks or months, depending on how much you use the hot tub.

The sanitizer consists of the chemical Bromine; which is easier on the skin than other chemicals meaning you can use the hot tub as much as you want. For the ultimate levels of water care, combine the in-line cartridges with a FreshWater® III Ozone System.

To learn how you can benefit from the revolutionary Inline Sanitizing Hot Tub features, call Aquasun today on 028 2763 7988.

Find the perfect hot tub at Aquasun!

Although we are unable to provide you with zero maintenance hot tubs at Aquasun, we do offer a range of stunning high-quality models from some of the industry’s leading brands.

We are proud to offer Ireland’s leading collection of hot tubs, and you can take advantage of our affordable finance packages with every one of the models we offer!

To explore the selection of hot tubs we have available and find the perfect model for your home, head over to our dedicated hot tubs page now.

Have any further questions about self-sanitizing hot tubs?

If you still have any questions with regards to self-cleaning hot tubs, please get in touch with the expert Aquasun team today.

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