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Discover the luxury in Tylo Saunas

Aquasun are official suppliers of the world renown Tylo saunas. Installing a Tylo sauna in your home allows you to add a bit of luxury, all with great value for money.

Aquasun have 10 different Tylo saunas to choose from, in a range of styles, colours and sizes, so you can find the right sauna to meet your needs. Depending on how often you’d like to use your sauna and your budget, there are different saunas Aquasun can recommend for your requirements.

Complete range of Tylo Saunas

Tylo sauna for large, contemporary bathrooms

The Tylo Evolve GC is the ideal sauna for a bathroom that has a significant amount of space and is modern in style. The glass panels on the sauna enhance how impressive this model is, and emphasises the sauna’s spacious feel. Aquasun also offer Tylo GF (Glass Front) saunas which are a great option for modern and spacious bathrooms. View the Tylo Evolve GC large sauna here

Tylo sauna for commercial use

The Tylo Evolve Pro is specifically made for commercial us in gyms, swimming pools, spas and more. It is built to handle a lot of use and can be easily maintained to ensure ongoing quality and durability. Take a closer look at the Tylo Evolve Pro sauna.

With a choice of glazed or wooden walls and clear or tinted windows, there is a choice of styles to choose from which can fit into any commercial environment.

Tylo sauna for a smaller budget

If you’re looking to add luxury to your property, but have a clear budget in mind, the Tylo Evolve Tradition is the perfect sauna for you.

An ideal choice for DIYers on a budget, the Tylo Evolve Tradition is simple to install and has a small, sophisticated design for easy maintenance and practical use.

Visit us online to view our complete range of Tylo saunas.

More Saunas from Aquasun

From barrel, conventional to infrared variants, Aquasun ensure to offer the most impressive collection of saunas for your home.

If you’re interested in any saunas from our range and would like more information on any of the models we supply, we’d be happy to help when you get in touch with Aquasun online. You can also call us direct on 01 69 500 29.

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