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How to clean a swim spa

How to clean a swim spa

Once you’ve chosen the right swim spa to suit your lifestyle and exercise needs, it’s important to clean and maintain it. You want to enjoy your swim spa for as long as possible and the best way of ensuring its high performance is through regular cleaning and general maintenance.

Maintain your swim spa with Aquasun

There are some general tips that the experts at Aquasun would recommend to ensure you get the best out of your spa. Your swim spa will need maintaining in the same way a swimming pool is, although they are considerably easier to clean!

Water quality is the most important thing to keep an eye on and showering before entering your swim spa is just one thing you can do to reduce the dirt and harmful chemicals that can get into the system.

You will need to add specific chemicals to your swim spa to ensure the water is sanitised and safe to swim in. Chlorine is the standard sanitiser but bromine is also suitable, both of which are available at Aquasun. Spa salt and other chemicals will ensure your spa is clean and well-maintained. For specialist advice contact us today or browse Aquasun’s full collection of accessories and chemicals.

Aquasun is a leading supplier of swim spas, hot tubs and other home leisure equipment in Ireland. If you’re interested in buying a spa for your home, then browse our full collection of luxury swim spas.

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