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Can a sauna help you lose weight?

Ideally, doing nothing in a relaxing sauna and losing weight would be anybody’s perfect situation, and this is true, kind of.

Using a sauna has many benefits, such as detoxing your body and improving your metabolism. But can using a sauna in your routine aid you on your mission to losing them inches off your waist, making your dreams come true?

Do saunas burn fat?

Although you may not lose tremendous amounts of calories whilst sat in a sauna, an individual can lose anywhere between 2-5 pounds, depending on age, height, weight and how long you are in the sauna for.

The pounds burnt in a sauna however, is nothing but water weight and is added straight back on once you eat or drink something. Losing water weight should always be replaced as fast as it is lost, or you can become severely dehydrated.

It is recommended that a sauna should be part of your workout routine when you are looking to lose weight, as a sauna does not help build muscle. This can then relax your muscles and release any strain they may have been put under during training.

A sauna can provide other benefits

If you sit in a sauna for the primary purpose of being relaxed, you are also providing your body with many other benefits, such as boosting your metabolism and reducing stress.

The greatest benefit a sauna can bring you, is it helps detox your body. In turn, this boosts metabolism as it heats up your core temperature and allows your heart rate to increase, meaning you will burn calories in a shorter amount of time.

Whilst enjoying a soothing sauna session, your cortisol levels, otherwise known as the stress hormone released, are also lower. A sauna therefore provides a perfect way of releasing any stress or feelings of being under pressure.

Looking for your dream sauna?

Why not start your weight loss journey by incorporating a sauna into your routine today?

Sweat out your toxins and enjoy hours of relaxation in your home with one of our infrared saunas. Made from quality hemlock spruce wood, our infrared saunas are unique to our other products as they use light to create heat, a system recommended by doctors to improve well being.

Our range of infrared saunas provide you with a choice of add-ons which suits your needs. Personalise your sauna with lighting, oxygen ionisers or a digital internal control panel, the option is yours.

If you want to improve your circulation, need some pain relief or are looking for a relaxing way to lose weight, then have a look at our Infrared Saunas.

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