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Are Used Hot Tubs Safe?

Are used hot tubs safe?

As the hot tub market grows, it is becoming more accessible for people to buy a used hot tub from websites, dealerships and even a neighbour or friend. At lower prices it can be more tempting to buy a used hot tub over a brand new one, as they can come with features just as good. However, are second hand hot tubs safe?

Similar to most second-hand items, the safety depends on the quality of the brand and how its previous owners have taken care of it. If you are thinking about buying a used hot tub, we recommend gathering as much information as possible.

Therefore, at Aquasun IE we want to advise you on the safety precautions you need to know when shopping for a used hot tub.

Physical hazards

Depending on the hot tub you buy, they usually have either a wooden or UPVC cabinet which provides an important job of insulation. Both materials can become warn, which will become worse over time and therefore cause problems when moving it to its new home.

Wooden cabinet’s most common issue is rot from damp conditions. This is something to look out for when purchasing a used hot tub, as rot and mould can infect the water with bacteria.

Wood rot will be signs that the exterior hasn’t been treated and the inside hasn’t been kept clean. Scrubbing the interior with soap and water regularly when the hot tub is empty will keep rot and mould from forming, whilst the outside should be treated every 1-3 years.

UPVC cabinets don’t rot, however they can become brittle. When you need to move the hot tub from one location to the other, it could cause it to snap or crack if it is not handled with care.

The spread of viruses

One worry you might have when buying a second-hand hot tub is unsanitary conditions. Hot tubs are an environment where bacteria and fungus can grow, alongside the spread of viruses. Viruses can include skin rashes, eye and ear infections to a pneumonia-type illness such as legionella.

With the hot tub being owned to someone else previously, making sure it is entirely clean is a priority, to avoid any infections or disease. You should familiarise yourself with how to treat the water, with the correct type and amount of chemicals, prior to purchasing a second-hand hot tub.

Chlorine and bromine are the most commonly used disinfectants.

Monitor the temperature

If you’re considering on buying a hot tub new or second-hand, there are some general safety precautions you should keep in mind.

If the temperature is not monitored, hot tubs can get too hot and sitting in hot water for a long time can cause heat-related illnesses such as, nausea, dizziness or fainting. Excessive heat and long soaks should also be avoided if you’re pregnant, as you may be at higher risk of overheating.

To keep track of your hot tub’s temperature, why not purchase one of our thermometer and hygrometer combined devices? The perfect accessory to monitor your hot tub.

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Overall, used hot tubs are safe if they are kept well. Regardless, they do host benefits to the environment as they are often easily scrapped whenever repair is needed to get them going again.

If a hot tub is correctly maintained, they can last for several years with continuous use.

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