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5 health benefits to regular swim spa use

5 health benefits of regular swim spa use

There are a wide range of benefits to having your very own swim spa. Whether you opt for an Endless Pool or a hot tub, regular use can have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Aquasun is passionate about providing a range of swim spas, both brand new and second hand, that can help enhance and improve your health.

Why should you buy a swim spa?

Reduces stress levels

Having a daily dip in your swim spa can help to reduce your stress levels. Since stress increases cortisol levels in the body which, in turn, can increase our risk of osteoporosis, as well as affect our immunity, reduce muscle mass and reduce our body’s use of glucose, it is important not to have high stress levels in daily life.

Stress can also raise our blood pressure and cause further health problems. There are numerous advantages to decreasing our stress levels and a swim spa from Aquasun can be a great and natural way to reduce stress. Check out the complete swim spa collection.


Not only does exercise release endorphins and make us feel good, it has many health benefits in that it makes our heart, bones and lungs stronger, reduces blood pressure, improves circulation and more.

An Endless Pool from Aquasun can be a great way of exercising in your own house. Find out more about endless pools at Aquasun.

Reduce muscle tension

Spending time sitting in the hot tub with the jets powering into your muscles will have a similar effect to a sports massage and can significantly reduce muscle tension.

Reduced tension can relieve stress in the body, improve movement and performance. Helping to reduce muscle tension in users, Aquasun has a fantastic collection of Riptide swim spas.

Relieve aches and pains

Swim spas and hot tubs help people who are affected every day by severe aches and pains.

Because the massaging jets of a swim spa can reduce muscle tension and help our bodies relax, a swim spa is a great way of relieving pain.

Minimise use of pain killers

In some cases, because hot tubs and swim spas can help to relieve pain, having your own hot tub or swim spa from Aquasun, may reduce your reliance on painkillers and other medicinal treatments. Aqua Power swim spas are incredibly versatile as they are suitable for both relaxation and fitness.

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