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Three accessories for your hot tub

3 essential accessories for your hot tub

Aquasun have been a leading provider of hot tubs, saunas and swim spas in Ireland for over 25 years. Our collection of stunning hot tubs are from some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

If you’re currently the owner of a luxury hot tub or you’re looking to add one to your private or commercial property, you can enhance the performance by using any of the following accessories.

Must Have Hot tub accessories

Lift ‘n’ Glide Cover Lifter

The Lift ‘n’ Glide Cover has a simple and efficient design. It works without using gas springs, and requires minimal effort to remove the cover from your hot tub.

Not only is the Lift ‘n’ Glide style system extremely easy to use, it ideally allows the cover to rest neatly behind the spa. Because the cover does not touch the ground, it is far less prone to unnecessary wear and tear, unlike standard covers. Order the Lift ‘n’ Glide hot tub cover here.

Spa Seat Raiser

If you’re struggling to keep your head above water when you’re in the spa, the Spa Seat Raiser is perfect!

It means that, even if you are small in stature, you can now comfortably enjoy those jets even in the deep seats.

Aquasun have just updated stocks replacing the Seat Raiser with the superb quality Spa Booster Seat.

HotSpring Tri-X Filter

The HotSpring Tri-X Filter is a high performance (HP) model that pumps a huge volume of water.

A first-class hot tub company, HotSpring have developed a new-to-market Tri-X™ 3-dimensional filter that ensures no water bypasses the filters, that is featured in this first-class filter.

Because the HotSpring Tri-X Filter works by depth rather than simply filtering on the surface, the Tri-X filters ten times more gallons per square foot than other models. What’s more, the filter is dishwasher safe and, as a result, extremely easy to maintain. Take a closer look at the HotSpring Tri-X Filter.

Go online and visit Aquasun to view the huge collection of useful hot tub accessories.

Enhance your lifestyle with a hot tub from Aquasun

Purchasing a hot tub for your property will, no doubt, improve your lifestyle. Whether you choose to simply relax on your own in the hot tub with a glass of wine and a good book, soak up a crisp Autumn evening with a glass of Prosecco or use it for medical reasons, a hot tub from Aquasun will definitely add a little bit of luxury to your life.

Discover the finance available on certain models and browse the full range of hot tubs for sale.

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